Friday, February 24, 2012

Paduka Sahasram Mahotsavam

Sri Mathe Ramanujaya Namaha
Sri Mathe Nikamantha Maha Desikaya Namaha
Adiyen had a great experience with Swami Anantha Padmanabha in Olikkal. We started from Chennai on Sunday morning 8:30am and travelled for around 450km to Olikkal. We travelled for around 10 hours, at the same time, we had a great upanyasam regarding Swami Desikan’s Paduka Sahasra mahimai and had a debate. During this time he also teaches us the perfect way of leading life is to obey and follow as per Visishtadvaita simply doing sandhyavandanam and putting perumal paduka(sri churnam) in the forehead and I gained more knowledge from Anantha Padmanabha Swami. This is the first time I spent those 10 hrs usefully. On our way from Chennai to Bangalore at thiruppukuzhi we had a darshan of garuda sevai during brahmotsavam festival, then we proceeded to Bangalore. I was eagerly expecting how the Paduka Sahasram Mahotsavam is going to be celebrated. We reached Olikal village around 6:30 pm.Even though it is a small village where only 300 people can accommodate,but 3000 people where given good hospitality. I dint even expected in the small village three to four thousand bakthas will gathered for paduka sahasram mahotsavam which is going to be held on the next day.
Every one should know how we got the gift of Paduka Sahasram. A great Poet challenged swami Desikan, only who compose 1000 slokas over night will be awarded as “kavithakiga Simham”. Later Swami Desikan recognized it is the Leelai of Sri Ranganatha Perumal. Swami Desikan composed 1000 slokas over night and has been awarded as “kavithakiga Simham”.The great who challenged with Swami Desikan was able to write 300 slokas This is how we got the great Paduka Sahasram from swami Desikan. This Paduka Sahasram is the most important in our vaishnava sampradayam. These slokas are full of the divine feet of god.
Anantha Padmanabha Swami recited the 1008 slokas and along with him three thousand bakthas participated.The 1008 slokas has a separation of 32 paddhati, for each paddhati different types of flower and different types of thaligai has been amsayal for perumal i.e 32 types of flower and thaligai. I have to narrate important incident here SwamiNammalwar, SwamiRamanujar were placed below the feet of perumal and Swami Desikan was placed opposite. when they where reciting Paduka Sahasram we had a feel that we were in Bhuloka Vaikuntham.After reciting 1000 slokas for the last eight slokas Swami Desikan was moved little by little towards the feet of perumal,at the same time, APN Swami had a different style of telling “naaninthey” and “yecharikkai”.Adiyen had the bhakyam of doing Padam Thangi Kainkaryam of Swami Desikan. I got the bhakyam of seeing SwamiNammalwar, SwamiRamanujar Swami Desikan were placed below the feet of perumal. APN Swami wanted to do this paduka sahasram mahotsavam in each and every temple and in all 108 divya desam.Paduka sahasram should be recited in each and every corner of the street.The function ended with Thatheeyarathanam for all the bakthas.

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